Why Food Network’s Alex Guarnaschelli Is On a Mission to Help Single Moms

Wedding plans aren’t even a consideration at the moment. Nor is much beyond her upcoming third cookbook, October release Cook With Me, and whatever else truly moves the needle for her. “People are like, ‘What’s next for you?'” said Guarnaschelli. And I’m like, um, ‘If it’s not meaningful to me, I’m not doing it.”

The short list obviously includes her work as a Vitamin Angels spokesperson. “The first thing they kind of said to me was, ‘You know, we look at you, we see you’re the mother to a 13-year-old, we understand that for all intents and purposes, you were a single parent, raising a child. We know that you understand firsthand how that can feel,'” she recalled. And as they detailed their goals, Guarnaschelli—long drawn to charities that help children in need—was hooked. “I’m looking at the mission of this charity and thinking, ‘Wow, imagine globally providing this fundamental support,'” she explained. “It really speaks to me.”

Which is the goal for everything she does these days, Guarnaschelli finding the current stay-at-home situation to be the perfect time to hone in on what’s truly important. “I think streamlining and making the best use that we can of the time that we have,” she said, “that is the mission.”

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