UAE COVID-19 | How to Renegotiate Your Housing Contract

In light of our current uncertain clime, companies worldwide have had to resort to cost-saving measures, which include temporary salary reductions, and in extreme cases – mass redundancies. Those who are self-employed have also expressed their concerns over the added economic pressure associated with the pandemic.

In an attempt to ease some of the financial strain that might be currently faced, we reached out to Taronish Mistry, an associate paralegal at BSA Ahmad Bin Hezeem & Associate LLP, for tips on how to renegotiate your housing contract with your landlord.

“For individuals and businesses, rent is indubitably an ongoing and major commitment. The widespread impact of COVID-19 has affected individuals and businesses as tenants. Depending on the extent of the impact, tenants may require waivers or reductions. Even aside from the impact of COVID-19, tenants may want to negotiate changes with their landlord. The likelihood of blanket provisions for rent reductions are slim – landlords are going to consider requests on a case-by-case basis,” explains Mistry.

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