Terry Bradshaw Is the Last to Know About Daughter Erin’s Boob Job

Terry Bradshaw is out of the loop.

In this exclusive clip from Thursday, Sept. 17’s premiere of The Bradshaw Bunch, the NFL legend tries to uncover the truth about his youngest daughter Erin‘s breast augmentation.

“Hey, look, I found out that Erin had a boob job,” Terry relays to Lacey. “She didn’t tell you?”

While Lacey denies knowing about the procedure, Terry pushes for more information.

“Serious? Look at me and don’t smile,” the Bradshaw patriarch demands. “Did she tell you?”

For a brief moment, Lacey is able to keep a straight face and deny knowing about Erin’s breast augmentation. However, she eventually cracks as her beloved step-father breaks out into laughter.

By the time Erin arrives, Terry is more determined than ever to get his youngest to tell him the truth.

The plan? A family pool party.

“Hey! Pool party,” the retired quarterback exclaims upon Erin’s arrival. “Did you bring your suit?”

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