Tamra Judge Secrets And Scandals Exposed

Tamra Judge‘s ex-husband Simon Barney is in the battle of his life with throat cancer in just the latest trouble to affect the former The Real Housewives of Orange County beauty.

According to PEOPLE, back in May, Simon noticed his salivary glands were swollen on one side, but he was told it was possibly just an infection. An ultrasound and biopsy would later show he had cancer.

Doctors found the disease had spread into Simon’s throat, tonsils and lymph nodes to such an extent that surgery was ruled out, leaving him with the option of only undergoing chemotherapy and radiation.

Now Tamra must face the harsh reality that the father of her three of her kids is in a tough medical spot.

“If it’s my time to die, it’s my time to die,” Simon said.

But it’s not the first time the ex-housewife has been hit with crises and controversies.

Tamra had a tumultuous relationship with second husband Simon, divorcing him and getting involved in a nasty custody battle.

The Barneys, who had three children together, split in 2011 and then went to war over oldest daughter Sidney.

Sidney famously moved out of her mom’s house and into her dad’s and stated that she wanted nothing to do with her. The heartbreaking storyline was featured on the 2017 RHOC season which showed Tamra crying over the news.

Tamra also had a rough time with her first husband, Darren Vieth, who raised their child, together–her first, Ryan— as RadarOnline.com exclusively reported.

Ryan has also caused his famous mom tons of grief with a scandalous social media post that offended many.

Tamra’s third husband, Eddie Judge, has had medical problems of his own, with various heart operations.

“He’s had ten heart surgeries,” the former Bravo star told fans.

At one point, Eddie was fighting for life in the hospital with atrial fibrillation, as Radar has reported.

Now Simon is being treated for cancer.

Scroll through Radar’s gallery for more on Tamra’s trials and tribulations.

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