How Lily Allen Found Love With David Harbour After Intense Heartbreak

Asked if she felt more confident in the wake of finishing the book, Allen replied, “I don’t know if I feel more confident. I just have a better sense of myself. I’m a little bit clearer on what my job is and who I am.”

“Fame is great,” she continued, “but if that is what you want then try to find out more about yourself before you get there—because if you don’t have a strong sense of self when suddenly everybody else has opinions of you, that can be a struggle.”

At the time she was dating Dan London—MC Meridian Dan—and said she was in “a good place,” but that relationship fizzled by the end of 2018 after about three years together. The second relationship, her marriage to Sam being the other, to fall apart while she was touring.

She hadn’t been messing around with escorts, as she had some years prior, Allen noted. “But I think that people deal with touring and stuff differently,” she said on Elizabeth Day’s How to Fail podcast. “And I’m a real home person—I love home comforts and I love my children and I love routine and so to be taken out of that and to be on the tour bus in the middle of nowhere without that sounding board and that person to talk to every day, I just became very lost.”

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