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How Do The Elves Change From The Books To The Films

The Lord of the Rings movies, tailored by Peter Jackson from the books of the identical title, are a few of the most well-known works of J.R.R.Tolkien. The books, permeated with all method of exceptional creatures, from Barrow- Wights to Nazgul, to elves, dwarves and hobbits, introduce us to a wealthy and numerous world stuffed with wonders. However how do these creatures, arguably most notably of all of the elves, change between the books and movies?

The movies and the books share two most important issues in frequent of their portrayal of the race of elves: Their regal and supercilious nature, which comes from their lengthy life, and their descendants from probably the most noble bloodlines of the Numenorians, and their energy, which comes from their power of wit, their love of literature and poetry, and their connections to the three elven rings cast by Celebrimbor within the Second Age. A technique during which the portrayal of the Elves differs from the books to the movies although, is of their light-heartedness, their kindness to different residing creatures, and their love for his or her kin.


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All of those heart-felt and fun-loving traits are current within the ebook, within the type of three of the primary elven characters who seem all through the story: Elrond, Legolas, and Galadriel. When the hobbits first arrive in Rivendell, to attend the Council of Elrond and determine the destiny of the One Ring, which is tied to the fate of Sauron, there may be after all a way of foreboding. With such a grave matter at hand, the elves within the scene within the movie are proven to be critical, discussing technique and the rising darkness that’s befalling Center Earth. What the movie misses out, nevertheless, is the enjoyment and the merriment with which the hobbits are met upon getting into Rivendell, the music and the songs within the nice corridor of fireside, during which the elves are described by Samwise as “merry as youngsters,” “smiling and applauding” at Bilbo’s poetry. This can be a facet to the elves seldom seen within the movies.

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Certainly, this merriment and pleasure is one thing actively neglected within the Return of the King, when Gimli and Legolas rejoice on the corridor of the Rohirrim. Upholding the traditional rivalry between dwarves and elves, Gimli challenges Legolas to a ingesting sport, and never solely does Legolas seem to not know what a sport of this type is, he then proceeds to drink a number of mugs of ale with no single smile, regardless of everybody round him laughing, toasting and making jokes about furry dwarven girls. He even appears to be like apprehensive as he feels a tingle in his fingers, saying “I believe it’s affecting me” with furrowed brows. This goes towards the portrayal of Elves within the ebook as having fun with a hearty drink in occasions of conviviality and festivity, which will be seen within the chapter “Farewell to Lorien,” during which Galadriel “rose from the grass and taking a cup from one among her maidens, crammed it with white mead.”

Not solely does this recommend that the elves are completely happy to drink, it additionally exhibits Galadriel as carefree sufficient to take a seat on the grass with the others, disillusioning the notion that she should at all times maintain her heirs and graces, as she is proven to do loftily within the movies. It could possibly be argued that there’s a kindness inside her in Peter Jackson’s diversifications, because of the truth that she presents the fellowship with a plethora of gifts to assist them alongside their journey to destroy the rings, however many examples of the kindness of elves, and the mild affection that lies beneath their immortality and energy, are lacking from the display diversifications.

Hugo Weaving as Elrond in Peter Jackson's Lord of the Rings

For instance, on the Council of Elrond within the books, Legolas speaks of the escape of Gollum, formerly known as Smeagol, from an elven jail, the place he was being held for safe-keeping to forestall him informing to or succumbing to the darkish lord. The movie portrays Gollum’s captivity as a torturous scene by the hands of the Nazgul, when within the ebook Legolas says that the elves “had not the guts to maintain him in dungeons below the earth,” believing that every one residing issues ought to have entry to the bushes that develop and the air that breathes life. Although Gollum had the ring for longer than Bilbo and Frodo mixed, and will have posed them an enormous risk, the elves handled him with compassion. This gentleness, this caring for Gollum as a sentient being, is omitted in Peter Jackson’s diversifications.

This may also be seen within the portrayal of the connection between Elrond and Aragorn. Within the movies, a direct scene between the 2 characters is uncommon, however the viewers is conscious of the premise that Aragorn needs for Arwen’s hand, loving her above all else, and that Elrond refuses to bless the union, wishing his daughter to journey together with her folks to the timeless lands as an alternative of giving up her immortality for the person she loves. The connection between the 2 is stuffed with animosity, with Elrond being proven as a noble but cussed elf, who disapproves of Aragorn and erases the imaginative and prescient of the kid from the prophecy he shares with Arwen, for his personal acquire.

This can be a change from the ebook, as a result of though it’s true that Elrond fears the struggling of his daughter, it’s instructed in Appendix A, “The Story of Aragorn and Arwen,” that after his father’s loss of life by the hands of an orc arrow when he was two, Aragorn was taken to dwell in the home of Elrond, and that “Elrond got here to like him as a son of his personal.” There is no such thing as a trace of this fatherly love within the movies, one other instance of how the portrayal of elves modifications between media.

Some could argue that these modifications come from a restricted quantity of display time, during which the inventive staff behind the Lord of the Rings movies needed to distill a life-long murals right into a shorter and extra digestible format, stripping it again to the very essence of the story for its cinematic viewers. Maybe they’ll have extra possibilities to discover the illustration of elves in Amazon’s Lord of the Rings Series.

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