Diann Valentine’s Book Will Help You Find Your Happily Ever After

Here’s what reviewers are saying:

“I received this book for Christmas and I cannot put it down! I love how the book requires effort from the reader, if that makes sense. Diann poses questions for you to self-reflect and evaluate so you can really search yourself. I love books like that where it causes accountability. The book is very authentic; I especially love the social media chapter. Being in my late 20s, dating is HARD in this era, and social media is a beast. It’s nice to read the chapter and see things that make me go ‘hmmmmm’ or “yeah, I have thought that” or ‘yeah, why does he do that?’. Overall, I am really enjoying the book! It is very refreshing and relatable, so that definitely makes for a great read! And what a pretty book to look at LOL.”

“I must admit….being a man, I was skeptical of what to achieve by reading this book on ‘finding love.’ Seemed like it was going to be a ‘chick’ book to me but once I picked it up, I could not put it down! Learning not only to step out of my comfort zone but seeing the views of women on men has truly got me thinking a bit! Like, ‘I do do that’…lol. It’s showing me the parts of me that are loved and well, the parts of me I see now I should try another alternative..lol. But overall…Love is Love! And who doesn’t want to find it! Like they say, ‘It takes two to tango’ and well, that alone makes all the sense in picking this one up! It’s so fun and makes me want to try new things.”

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