Christian Serratos Has the Best Response to Her “Boy’s Name” Critics

Christian Serratos is a big name in Hollywood—and she’s proud of it, too. 

The 30-year-old actress opened up about why she loves her moniker during the Dec. 14th episode of Jimmy Kimmel Live!. The topic came up after Jimmy Kimmel noted he’d never met a woman named Christian before.

“I have never met anybody else called Christian,” Serratos said, “but that’s kind of why I dig my name.”

Looking back at her childhood, the Selena: The Series star recalled the comments she received about her name—and how she had the perfect comeback.

“People would often say to me, ‘Oh, well isn’t that a boy’s name?'” she said. “And I wanted to tell them constantly, ‘Well no, not if I have it.'”

So when it came time to naming her own child, Serratos decided to call her daughter WolfgangWolfie for short. “It like gave me something to, like, be, I guess, strong about and I wanted my daughter to be strong,” she explained. “So, I gave her a unisex name.”

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