Brie & Nikki Bella Share Every Detail About Their Births & Postpartum Lives

Welcome Home (For Now)

“We just really wanted to take a month off…those four weeks were really needed,” Brie said at the beginning of the podcast. 

The twins have been busy taking care of their little ones, though Nikki was recently thrown a curveball when Artem was asked to return to Dancing With the Stars

“Artem was crying. Everyone at Dancing With the Stars and ABC had been so supportive and had just been so amazing, so they were so happy when there was one extra spot for Artem and they wanted him to come back,” Nikki recalled.

Despite being happy for Artem, him returning to the show meant that he had to leave the very next day.

“It’s been almost two weeks without Artem and I’ve been just a single mom doing it on my own,” she said. “It was, I’m not gonna lie, extremely tough.”

Nikki is, however, currently planning on moving to L.A. to be with her fiancé: “With Artem back working and COVID, we were just kind of like, why are we traveling back and forth between homes? It’s not safe.”

She and Matteo are currently staying with Brie and Bryan “for safety reasons,” which she described as “really unfortunate because I had my life in my home.”

“It was going to be my last moments in my home with my son in his nursery,” she added. “I literally just built my dream home. I mean, I was a part of it down to the fixtures and the tiling…so I was super bummed but the one thing is that my son’s first.”

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