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Bigg Boss Episode 50 Highlights

The episode began with Nagarjuna’s colourful entry with the ‘Chitti Nee Navvante’ tune. He provides some enjoyable duties to the housemates. Within the first process, the housemates have to choose the pillows. Siri and Kajal are left with no pillows. Nonetheless, Shannu provides it to Siri and will get knocked out with Kajal. Within the subsequent process, Nagarjuna requested some movie-related questions and so they need to say the reply. Jessie adopted by Priyanka, Maanas will get knocked out on this spherical. Later, Nagarjuna gave a process to fill their buckets.

Ravi, Anne, Lobo, and Priya get knocked out however Anne complained that Shannu poured the water in her bucket into Siri’s bucket. Nagarjuna lets her in into the sport once more. Lobo will get into the protected zone. The remaining housemates play musical chairs. Siri will get knocked out. Nagarjuna requested the remaining ones to choose an object of the colour he selects and produce them again. Sreeram will get knocked out. Ravi will get into the protected zone. Each Anne and Viswa wore hats and the housemates need to take sides and throw the hats.

Viswa’s hat falls down first and will get knocked out. Anne wins the knock-out process. Siri will get into the protected zone. Anne will get the award and in addition a superpower for profitable the duty. Nag stated that Bigg Boss will announce Anne’s energy later and she or he has to maintain the award very protected until then. Jessie will get into the protected zone. Priya and Anne are left within the unsafe zone. Nagarjuna requested each of them to bid goodbyes to the housemates. Each of them hug everybody and enter two rooms. Nagarjuna requested the housemates to go and test the rooms.

Each the rooms can be empty. After a while, Anne returns to the home and Priya will get eradicated from the home. Priya noticed her Bigg Boss journey video and will get emotional. Whereas Nag requested what she discovered within the Bigg Boss home, Priya stated that she discovered that she will be able to survive anyplace. Priyanka cried and Priya consoled her. Nagarjuna requested her to fee the housemates in keeping with their efficiency. Priya rated Lobo with a 5 and stated that he ought to stand on his phrases. Priya rated Viswa additionally with a 5. Priya gave a score of seven to Ravi and eight.5 to each Shannu and Siri.

Priya gave an 8 to Sreeram and the latter sang the ‘Nee Choopule’ tune. Priya gave 100 to Priyanka and the latter cried. Priya gave an 8 to Jessie. Kajal received a 7 from Priya and Maanas received a ten. Priya gave a 9 to Sunny and stated that solely he has the proper to drink and eat from her glass and plate. Viswa because the worst performer goes into jail. Ravi and Lobo are seen speaking to Viswa. Ravi stated that Lobo broke his coronary heart by saying that he solely involves him when he wants him. Ravi added that that is the primary time he’s feeling dangerous prior to now 5 to six years.

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