18 “Information” From Motion pictures That Are 100% False

The Lion King lied to us.

Motion pictures and TV could be a treasure trove of knowledge.

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As an example, I discovered you simply can not get your hair moist for 48 hours after a perm from Legally Blonde, and there is no put up on Sundays from Harry Potter.

However a few of that data — even when it pops up in MULTIPLE reveals and flicks — is straight-up false.

Listed below are 18 instances TV and flicks taught us incorrect “information” and made us appear to be rattling fools:


That Twinkies may survive the apocalypse.

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In a delusion popularized in motion pictures like Zombieland and reveals like The Simpsons, Twinkies are mentioned to have so many synthetic substances that they may final years. 

Surely, their shelf life is 45 days. A Maine classroom doing an experiment has kept a Twinkie for many years, and whereas it hasn’t fallen aside, it has turned grey and inedible.

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That folks use solely 10% of their mind.

EuropaCorp Distribution / Common

This concept was propagated by the motion movie Lucy.

Each a part of the mind has a function, and even easy duties use excess of 10% of the mind — scientists have confirmed this with PET and fMRI machines mapping mind exercise.

Gilnature / iStockphoto through Getty Photos


Which you can be swallowed up by quicksand.


We have seen it in reveals like Days of Our Lives and journey motion pictures just like the Indiana Jones movies, but it surely truly has no foundation in actuality.

As a result of persons are principally water, they float even in quicksand — and when you can positively get caught, you will not sink to the purpose the place it is pulling your head underneath. It is nonetheless harmful, although!!

Motortion / Getty Photos / iStockphoto


That mice and rats love cheese.


This has been in SO many motion pictures and TV reveals, however the above GIF is clearly from Ratatouille.

In reality, they like cheese not more than they do some other out there meals. The parable might come from rats usually chewing cheese wheels in individuals’s cabinets and pantries — however that is seemingly simply because it was a considerable amount of meals in a single spot that is straightforward to get to and sneak round in.

Walter Zerla / Getty Photos / Picture Supply


That if you happen to do not learn somebody their Miranda rights, they are often launched.

Columbia Footage / Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer

Whereas it is nonetheless a significant oversight to not be learn your rights — and will certainly assist your case if you happen to go to trial — it only means that something you say previous to being learn your Miranda rights is not going to be admissible in courtroom.

SDI Productions / Getty Photos

Police are underneath no obligation to launch you in the event that they produce other proof, which is probably going if you happen to had been arrested.


That urine is sterile.

twentieth Century Fox

You’ve got most likely heard this sentiment in motion pictures like Battle Membership and Dodgeball — but it surely’s truly false. 

Urine is not sterile in any respect — it has bacteria in it. And you shouldn’t drink it except you completely should as a way to survive — through which case it’s best to drink it instantly after it leaves your physique so it does not entice additional micro organism.

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Equally, that peeing on a jellyfish sting stops the stinging.

Whereas it’s possible that some elements of urine (like ammonia) might assist, others (like sodium) might make it worse. Sea water could be higher, although it additionally has salt.

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That lightning will not strike the identical place twice.

It truly strikes the same place often, particularly tall issues just like the Empire State Constructing.

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That wolf packs have an alpha.


This concept is frequent in popular culture, even amongst werewolf movies and reveals like Teen Wolf.

They do have parents — that are in cost the identical means human dad and mom are — however there is no such thing as a “alpha” or “beta” or “omega” in wild wolf packs.

Vera Ivanchenko / Getty Photos / EyeEm


That absinthe could make you hallucinate.

twentieth Century Fox

After I was youthful and noticed this Moulin Rouge scene, I completely thought that if I ever drank absinthe, I, too, would see a magical inexperienced fairy.

Absinthe is rather like some other high-proof drink. It will get you drunk, but it surely has no hallucinogenic properties — not even again within the day.

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The compound thujone was thought to trigger the hallucinations — resulting in bans on absinthe and rules about how a lot thujone bottles can include — however researchers ultimately found that no bottle of absinthe had sufficient thujone to trigger these forms of results.


That piranhas assault people and are solely carnivorous.

The Weinstein Co.

In response to horror movies like Piranha 3D, piranhas are lethal, vicious creatures.

In actuality, it could take about 300 to 500 piranhas to eat a human, and whereas there’s some proof of piranhas consuming human flesh, it is in instances the place the particular person was already useless. Additionally, many piranhas are omnivores, and a few are even vegetarians.

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And that sharks assault people unprovoked.

Common Footage

Thanks for a lifelong unfounded concern of sharks, Jaws.

People are not a part of sharks’ pure weight-reduction plan, they usually’d favor to eat one thing else. Sharks hardly ever assault people, and in the event that they do, it might solely be as a result of they had been curious or confused — studies show that they could mistake people on surfboards as seals or sea lions.

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That King Tut’s tomb has a curse inscribed that threatens anybody who disturbs it.

No such inscription exists now, and it is unlikely that it ever did. As a substitute, it appears to have been a declare invented by journalists or by excavator Howard Carter to maintain individuals away from the tomb. Comparable phrases have been utilized in previous literature about different tombs and graves, which might be the place they acquired it from.


That dying elephants go off to an “elephant graveyard” to die.

That is nothing more than a myth. Whereas skeletons are typically present in the identical spot, that is likely because there was softer vegetation there for older elephants whose enamel had worn down, so that they moved to that space once they had been near demise, or as a result of elephants had been gathering round one of many final meals sources throughout a drought or famine once they died.


That Philip Schuyler had solely daughters.


Whereas this can be a more moderen delusion, it actually turned widespread as Hamilton (and its filmed model) took the world by storm.  

In reality, Philip had 15 kids, although solely eight survived to be adults — three of these eight being boys.


That it is scientifically unrealistic for bees (and bumblebees particularly) to have the ability to fly.

Paramount Footage

Bee Film is stuffed with LIES!

In case you evaluate them with an airplane, certain, it does not make sense. However bees are not at all like airplanes — they flap their wings forwards and backwards, not up and down, creating small vortices that carry the bees up.


That people, sabertooth tigers, and woolly mammoths had been alive similtaneously dinosaurs.

twentieth Century Fox

This concept is fairly prevalent in cartoons like The Flintstones and Ice Age.

Whereas people did dwell similtaneously sabertooth tigers and woolly mammoths, dinosaurs had been lengthy extinct by that point (except you are counting their evolutionary descendants, birds).

Coreyford / Getty Photos / iStockphoto


And eventually, that “irregardless” just isn’t a phrase. It very much is — it simply means “regardless.”

Paramount Footage

We owe Gretchen from Imply Women an apology.

What different myths perpetuated by motion pictures had been you shocked to find had been false? Tell us within the feedback!

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