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10 Films Marketed As Comedies However Actually Weren’t

A filmmaker’s aim is to make a superb movie; one thing that can win awards, be showered with reward, inducted into the Library of Congress, or on the very least be loved by audiences. The aim of a movie’s advertising and marketing staff may be very completely different: to get individuals into cinema seats by any means in need of outright mendacity.

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As such, movies’ trailers can typically barely resemble the movie they’re promoting. Generally, that is achieved to make a darkish or critical movie look extra like a comedy, taking scenes out of context, or displaying all the humorous moments within the trailer.

10 Magic Mike Is A Sombre Reflection On Grownup Performers

Mike talking to Adam in Magic Mike movie

Magic Mike is a movie that’s well-known for having Channing Tatum, Joe Manganiello, and a bunch of different enticing actors carry out quite a few striptease routines, being about male strippers and, in accordance with the trailer, their attractive, comedic life-style. Besides this is not the case in any respect.

The movie is undeniably about male strippers, but without the trailer‘s enjoyable raunch, the movie is a reasonably critical have a look at the life-style. Its important storylines are Mike’s burnout along with his job, using medicine inside the business, and the performers’ monetary straits. Insightful and attention-grabbing, however not a barrel of guffaws.

9 Jack The Big Slayer Did not Need To Look Like Lord Of The Rings

Nicholas Hoult, Ewan McGregor, and Eleanor Tomlinson in Jack the Giant Slayer

Particularly influential works of fiction in a genre have a tendency to paint perceptions of any subsequent works. Pirate movies are going to be in comparison with Pirates of the Caribbean, superhero films are going to be in comparison with the Marvel Cinematic Universe, and until they distinguish themselves, fantasy films are going to be in comparison with Lord of the Rings.

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To keep away from these comparisons, Jack the Big Slayer geared its trailer to seem like a comedic household fairytale movie, as per its roots in Jack and the Beanstalk. The movie itself was a considerably darkish fantasy motion flick. This advertising and marketing would fail the movie, and it would become known as a box office flop.

8 The Cable Man’s Wacky Jim Carrey Is Extremely Unsettling

Jim Carrey as the titular guy in The Cable Guy movie

Sure actors recognized for comedy, no matter their different work, are ceaselessly related to the style. One among these is Jim Carrey, whose extra critical fare typically finally ends up being assumed to be comedic, no matter how darkish it truly is.

The Cable Man performed as much as this. Carrey performs a wierd and weird man who latches onto Matthew Broderick’s character, Stephen, whose antics in a short time cross the strains they might in actual life, resulting in Carrey’s character changing into harmful as soon as he’s rejected. The movie comprises black comedy, however it’s largely used to palate-cleanse after some genuinely unnerving psychological thriller motion.

7 Hancock Is A Superhero Tragedy

Will Smith as the terrible superhero Hancock in the movie Hancock

Sure genres additionally typically get determined to be comedic fare, normally as a result of they’re seen as immature. Superhero films typically face this affiliation. Hancock was marketed as a black comedy to feed into this notion, specializing in the title character’s incompetent superheroics and the search to enhance his picture.

Really, even the movie’s starting is black comedy in its lightest moments, specializing in the harmful life-style Smith’s Hancock leads, and becoming a full-blown tragedy by the end, centered across the doomed love of two heroes. There’s comedy, however for probably the most half, the movie is definitely very unhappy.

6 Darkish Shadows’ Lack Of Comedy Was Presumably Intentional

The vampire Barnabas Collins with his descendants in Dark Shadows movie

It is uncommon for a movie to be based mostly on a protracted off-air cleaning soap opera with supernatural horror parts, and but that’s precisely what 2012’s Darkish Shadows was, with Johnny Depp within the position of Barnabas Collins, a vampire who involves stay along with his descendants.

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Whereas the movie has comedy, it’s not more than most movies. The trailer used practically each second of Barnabas battling trendy life, implying that it was the only real focus of the movie. Really, the plot is a slightly critical romantic drama with a healthy dose of revenge, with the comedy taking a agency backseat.

5 Adventureland’s Director Modified Issues Up

Jesse Eisenberg and Kristen Stewart playing a couple in Adventureland

After Superbad‘s comedy success, many assumed that the director’s subsequent movie, Adventureland, could be considerably comparable—a wacky and considerably unbelievable comedy centered round amusing hijinks. Being set in a theme park did nothing to quell that notion, nor did a lot of its advertising and marketing.

Adventureland for probably the most half, is definitely a romance movie, with just one trailer highlighting the romantic points of the movie. The thrust of the movie’s story offers with the connection between Jesse Eisenberg’s James Brennan, and Kristen Stewart’s Emily Lewin, with a scarcity of emphasis on the raunch or the humor many anticipated.

4 Spring Breakers Is A Bloody Crime Movie

The criminal protagonists of the movie Spring Breakers

The premise of ‘sorority women go on a criminal offense spree in swimsuits’ is a movie that most individuals are going to imagine is just not a critical one. The trailers for Spring Breakers closely performed up that it was about former Disney women trying to shed their picture, in a film many assumed could be an grownup comedy.

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Really, Spring Breakers is a criminal offense movie with a healthy dose of homicide. It’s removed from the style’s most hard-boiled, and has various farcical parts, however they’re for probably the most half performed straight, with a narrative that takes itself slightly severely.

3 4 Brothers Is Extra Grits Than Laughs

The titular four brothers plotting to avenge their mother in Four Brothers

Some would think about it an uncommon option to market a darkish crime thriller the place 4 sons try and uncover and avenge the homicide of their adoptive mom as a comedy, and but that’s precisely what the studio behind 4 Brothers did, taking scenes out of context, to the extent of creating a tragic demise scene seem comedic in trailers.

The movie could be finally worthwhile, whether or not due to or despite its advertising and marketing, however critics had been harsher on it, believing it to be overwhelming and glorifying violence. Nonetheless, it most likely obtained a greater welcome than it could have as a straight comedy.

2 The Bicentennial Man Makes an attempt To Be Cerebral

Robin Williams' character looking at himself in the mirror in The Bicentennial Man

Famed science fiction creator Isaac Asimov is just not a person one readily associates with comedy, and but beloved actor Robin Williams is. Finally, the latter gained out with the 1999 film The Bicentennial Man, with the advertising and marketing depicting Robin Williams as a enjoyable comedic family robotic who develops quirks.

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Individuals who went to see it discovered a philosophical science-fiction movie inspecting the character of humanity, consciousness, everlasting life, slavery, and a complete host of different subjects. The movie would show to do poorly with critics, in part for being overserious and sentimental.

1 The Truman Present Is Practically A Straight Drama

Truman looking at himself in the mirror in The Truman Show

Jim Carrey has achieved multiple largely dramatic movie that has been marketed as a comedy to capitalize on his repute. The Truman Present is well-known as a reasonably darkish drama a couple of man who’s raised inside a fictional world as a personality in a tv program, and ultimately decides to make his personal destiny as soon as he discovers the reality.

The trailers didn’t characterize the movie’s tone as such. Whereas the plot was considerably conveyed, very particular scenes of Truman being humorous in-character had been proven, to point that the character was going to be very like many different Carrey roles. As a substitute, it’s probably Carrey’s most critical movie.

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