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11 Celebs With Abnormal Body Parts

More Celebrity News ►► Bodily oddities and obscurities might serve as a source of insecurity for some, but even the most eyebrow raising features can become an impressive trademark if you own it! Even the most loved stars and celebs were born with rather distinctive quirks, making them unmistakably unique,

6 Singers’ LIVE Vocals That Will BLOW You Away

More Celebrity News ►► In a world where pretty much anyone can get a #1 hit with the help of some Auto-Tune, it can be a little tricky knowing who has it and who doesn’t. But when it comes to live vocals? Well, those mic feeds don’t lie, so right

7 Surprising Things You DIDN’T Know About Maddie Ziegler

More Celebrity News ►► It’s hard to imagine someone NOT knowing who Maddie Ziegler is these days. Whether you’re a Dance Moms fan, have watched a viral Sia music videos, or happened to catch her appearance on Pretty Little Liars, she’s kind of a big deal. Even super-fans can learn