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Bella Thorne DEFENDS Herself Against Body Shaming After Pic Goes Viral

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It all started when Bella grew boobs. But really though. The Disney star wore a cute new pink ensemble to a New York Fashion week event. Of all the images of her looking fly that were captured by paparazzi, it was a pic of her in a particularly compromised position, in the middle of talking and lifting her arm with her shirt riding up and a generous amount of underboob being exposed that Perez Hilton decided to repost. And he reposted it with the caption “Fill in the blank. Bella Thorne” dot dot dot. Many of her fans think this was a thinly veiled lure for people to slut shame or body shame her. I mean, he literally invited people to comment on her look. Pretty obvious if you ask me. Luckily, there is hope in humanity even in the internet. Her fans took to Insta and twitter and did fill in the blank. Calling her sexy AF, confident, gorgeous, etc. But Bella still had some choice words for the controversial blogger. She tweeted “You know I love you p but I think it’s kinda rude to use the pic my shirt is riding up and I’m in the middle of talking. Esp when there’s a lot of great photos. Kinda seems like you want more people to pick on me. 🙁 if I wasn’t sad enough about it already. And then you tag charlie and like other guys on my body trying to start drama and trying to make me feel they own my body.” In response Perez pulled a Trump flip flopping on the issue. First, apologizing and then declaring he’d do it again. A fan even commented “Dude, don’t you feel bad in the slightest to be posting pictures of a 19-year-old girl who you know will get attacked just to get attention?” To which he said “no.” And that’s when Bella really lost it. “YOU WOULD DO IT AGAIN!?” “R u serious? Yeah you would like posting a photo of Ariel [Winter] in a bikini to get views on a podcast?” Because this week Perez made an Instagram post promoting an episode of his podcast with a completely unrelated photo of Ariel Winter in a bikini as the image. #ClickBait. Finally, Bella concluded the altercation with a message she hoped would hit home: “I hope no one does this to your daughter.” Dang. On Perez’s end he replied, “HOW is saying ‘Fill in the blank! @BellaThorne _____” me making fun of her?” It’s not him making fun of her. But of allllll people, Perez Hilton understands how the internet work. How gross comments can be. So to post a pic of someone’s body and then literally ask them to comment on her body, he knows will definitely invite at least SOME insults. He’s not the guy saying them, but he’s the guy creating an opportunity online for others to say them. He’s inviting the problem. Don’t you think? If yall are as heated as I am I invite you to comment on MY Insta or twitter your thoughts on what perez did! You know my handle. Oh you don’t? @Miriamisa on twitter @Miriam_isa on Insta and I’m not on Snapchat cuz I’m a rebel without a cause. Then please click here to get inspired by 10 celebs who put their bodyshamers in their place! Down there. Not like, they killed their body shamers and now they’re underground, I just meant- never mind. I’m your girl Miriam Isa, thanks for subscribing to Clevver News and following me, and see you soon!

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